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Alone: Turning Loneliness into Solitude

No one is going to save us from our loneliness, nor can they, not in any permanence. When we long for others to complete us that is a prescription for unhealthy relationships and codependency.

5 min read

The Importance of Seeking Counsel: 

It’s essential to understand the differences and similarities of Counselling, Therapy, Coaching, and Mentoring to know which professional to seek, cater to the stage we are in, and what type will best help us most. 

6 min read

7 Life Lessons Learned From My Cats

I adopted 2 cats in late December 2019. At the time they were 2.5 years old, they are sisters from the same litter. Their names were Ding and Dong. The chances of me calling them that were virtually slim to none. Cat’s don’t respond to their names

3 min read