2019.09.30   |  


Feels like unrequited love,
And being disposed of,
Like autumn turning to bitter cold,
And getting coal, but wanting gold.

Clarity comes like the morning breeze,
Resting the soul with ease,
The truth was somewhere in between,
Appearances may not be what they seem.

Reality lurked with our self-worth,
For me, it was redirection at birth,
At the time felt like cold rain,
Only interpretation at its bane.

It was never meant to be,
Lessons learned, to be free,
Of wanting more of those,
Who have no capacity to pose?

A lesson learned on repeat,
As it is my forever feat,
Will I ever learn?
Optimism becomes my downturn.

Of me being able to inspire,
And of them able to inquire,
Perhaps it’s not about them,
But where my roots stem.

Exposing my truth which lies within,
That’s where I must begin,
My inner child is crying be heard,
But I couldn’t hear a word.

She’s saying I said “you would take care of me,
But you’re looking externally,
Focus your energy on me,
And I will set you free.”

What is it that you need?
For us to succeed?
“I need attention, time, and empathy,
That’s when you’ll gain clarity.

Attachment to those who avoid,
Will soon become null and void,
Your heart will no longer yearn for them,
Then there will be no feelings to condemn.”

Then will be très facile to say NO,
Fostering my internal strength to grow,
Allow my inner-self – a voice,
Distance from those that muzzle choice.

Living the truth within me,
Is what will set me free,
And pave the course to recovery.