2020.07.05   |  

As Pain Melts

Need release by anger’s grip,
Need to take ownership,
All the rage pent within,
To release? where to begin?

Emotional void never filled,
Inner demons never killed,
Cultivated and personified,
Pain and anger all collide.

Welcome rage and injustice felt,
When healing comes intensity melts,
Pain lessens,
As recovery progresses.

Lesson’s learned from each betrayal,
A realistic portrayal,
Self-interest or malice intent?
Selfishness and discontent.

Lost lonely souls attract each other,
Together we all suffer,
Until pain released,
Emotional weight decreased.

Compassion, forgiveness, encompass all,
Then is when we all stand all,
Look beyond and see the rising sun,
The days with light have begun.

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